Online Expat Stores that Ship to Sweden

What foods do you miss the most as an Expat? Is there something that you're longing for, but you can't get it here in Sweden? While Sweden might be your new home that doesn't mean you have to go without some of your favourite foods and snacks from the 'old country'. We present here an ever-growing list of online stores catering to the needs of the expat community here in Sweden and around the world. All your favourites from back home can be yours with just a few clicks of the mouse. And if your favourite brands or products are not listed, many of these stores offer a bespoke service if you drop them a mail. So go ahead and sate that craving or just treat yourself and try something a little more exotic.

Amazon Grocery

Amazon's grocery section gets larger by the day. Tip: Limit the product display to only suppliers that send to Sweden. Look for the 'International Shipping > Amazon Global Eligible' link in the left-hand filter section.

British Corner Shop

A large range of U.K. groceries and products, with shipping worldwide. Reasonable shipping rates particularly for bigger orders.

The English Shop

The English Shop is located in Stockholm and they import a wide range of products from the U.K. Amongst their product lines are confectionary, teas, drinks, sauces, and frozen products. Freight costs for delivery around Sweden are very reasonably priced.


A shop for South Africans, New Zealanders and Australians. This U.K. based store stocks many of the favourites from the SANZA members. Everything from confectionary to health and beauty products can be delivered to Sweden.

Stateside Candy (American Sweets)

Stateside Candy are a U.K. based company specialising in the sale of foods and beverages from America. They also also offer a range of UK products all deliverable to Sweden.

Cyber Candy

A U.K. based company that stocks and sells candy and related products online. They have 6 physical stores, and while they mostly offer products from the U.K. and the U.S., they also offer a limited range of products from Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore and some various European products.

USA Food Store

A U.K. based store that stocks and sells products from the U.S. They have all the favorites as well as other items like flags and even a small selection of Mexican sauces and seasoning.

The stores listed in this Expat category of our directory are focused on providing you with the best in expat goods and services. Great small businesses providing the expat community around the world with the very best in British food, NZ food, Australian food, US food, Irish food, South African food and much much more. Whatever you're longing for, be it confectionary, crisps, chips, sauces, condiments, baking goods chocolate, drinks (even the adult type), hampers and so on, you'll find it here. Many of these expat stores even supply non-edible producs such as rugby and football jerseys, flags, gift vouchers, souvenirs and much more.

All of these expat stores will ship their products to Sweden with very reasonable freight costs (particularly when you consider the cost of similar goods here in Sweden), so why not set up a monthly ration-pack and keep yourself connected to home?

And even if you're not part of the expat community, why not treat yourself to something a little different? You'll find all manner of strange and wonderful products to tickle your tastebuds or, if you have an expat in your life, why not create a hamper of products to make up the perfect expat Christmas or birthday gift? So if you're looking for English or British food online, Irish food online, NZ food online, South African food online or from elsewhere, make sure to bookmark our expat directory as we're always on the lookout for great new expat online stores.